What Should the Indianapolis Colts Do With RB – Donald Brown?


David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Brown may end up being the odd man out, when it comes to the running game of the Indianapolis Colts.

Although Brown had a fairly productive 2013 season, his contract is up, and it may be tough for the Colts to keep him. Starting last season as the third running back on the depth chart, Brown did not see much action for the first several games. Injuries to Vick Ballard and Ahmad Bradshaw thrust Brown into the spotlight, but he was still second in line, once Indianapolis picked up Trent Richardson. It was very evident very quickly that Richardson was having trouble getting acclimated to the Colts’ system, and then it was Donald Brown’s time to shine.

After week 10, Brown racked up six total touchdowns, and led the Colts in rushing. Still, Brown never rushed for more than 80 yards in a single game this season, and didn’t rush more than 14 times in a game. Although brown’s success was less-than stellar, it looked downright amazing at times, in comparison to the ineptitude of Richardson.

The Colts are tied to Trent Richardson, and are expecting to get Ballard back. Although it would be nice to keep Brown around, it just might not be a viable possibility financially. Brown will most likely get a few decent offers from other teams, and has a chance to be a starter somewhere else, rather than continue to fight for a spot with the Colts.