Indianapolis Colts May Benefit From a Favorable 2014 Schedule


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts may have a favorable 2014 NFL schedule, but that doesn’t mean that they will have an easy road to the NFL Playoffs.

As it stands right now, the Colts have the easiest 2014 schedule, based on the 2013 records of their opponents. Obviously, that statistic is partially based on the fact that the Colts were champions of the worst division in the NFL last season. Aside from the Colts, the rest of the AFC South had a total record of 13 wins and 35 losses. The 2013 records of all the teams the Indianapolis will face next season, had a total of 110 wins, as opposed to 146 losses.

In 2014, the Colts will also face the NFC East, as well as the AFC North. Both divisions were a bit shaky last season, but all teams involved seem to be in contention at one time or another. The Indianapolis Colts will also face two potential Super Bowl teams in 2014, matching up once again against the  New England Patriots and Denver Broncos.

Many things change from year to year in the NFL. Every season, it seems that at least one team comes up from the bottom, to contend for the top spot. The AFC South may have been the weakest division in the league last season, but there’s a good chance that things will change this year. Many people picked the Houston Texans to make Super Bowl XLVIII, and many people were very wrong.

The Colts have a chance to make another strong season in 2014, but they must pick solid players, perform up to their potential, and keep their horseshoes crossed for less injuries than they suffered last year.