What Should the Indianapolis Colts Look for in the NFL Scouting Combine?


: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There’s never a dull moment in the NFL.

Less than a month removed from Super Bowl XLVIII, pro football now converges upon Indianapolis, Indiana for the NFL Scouting Combine. The general managers and coaching staffs from each team in the league will begin their 2014 season, by watching and doing interviews with dozens of prospective players from all across the country. The Indianapolis Colts may be the team hosting the event as usual, but they will also have to keep their eyes extra wide open during the combine, in hopes of finding a diamond (Or two) in the rough.

Since the Colts don’t have a selection in the opening round of the 2014 NFL Draft, they will need to make sure that the draft picks they do have in the later rounds will be worthwhile. Indianapolis may even be less active this season in NFL free agency, due to the fact that they made a big splash in that area last season, with less-than overly positive results.

To be honest, the only roster spot that the Colts don’t have to worry about is quarterback. Pretty much any other position other than quarterback is up in the air for this team. The Colts will benefit from getting several players back from injury at key positions, but there is still no guarantee that these players will come back at full strength, or remain healthy this season.

The biggest holes for this team right now are on the offensive and defensive line. The Indianapolis offensive line has been shaken-up and unstable for several seasons. Andrew Luck is constantly on the run or on his back. The defensive line is going to lose some players this offseason, and is getting older at some spots. The lasting final images of the Colts in the NFL Playoffs were the New England Patriots running through that defensive line like their shoes were on fire.

Spots such as wide receiver and safety will also need some additions for youth and depth. Still, if the Colts don’t attempt to sure-up their interior lines, then they will be doomed to repeat the same types of processes that have plagued them in the past few seasons.