Indianapolis Colts Beef Up Line With Breckner


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts announced today that they have signed Offensive Tackle, Jack Breckner. Breckner stands 6’9″ tall and weighs 320. That makes him the biggest Tackle on the Colts roster so far. This is no shock. Over the past few years the Colts have began moving away from the lean and fast team that Tony Dungy once established. They are now trying to become a powerhouse of hard hitting force.

So who is Jack Breckner? That has yet to be seen. He comes from the Arena Football League. It’s hard to compare stats between leagues and it’s even harder to predict how succesful he might be in the NFL. It’s not impossible for players to make the leap. Players like Mike Vanderjagt and Kurt Warner seemed to have transitioned well from one league to another, but there are no guarantees.

I spent some time today watching some video of Breckner. What stood out to me was that he has some speed and agility considering how big he is. He’s also solid. A lot of times you look at some of the players who were picked up for their size and all you see is a big gut. That’s not Breckner he’s fit and fast… and huge.

I hope that Breckner is a great addition to this Colts team. I hope that he plays hard and fits in well. More importantly I hope this is a sign of things to come for the Indianapolis Colts. This could be a sign that Ryan Grigson is going to be aggressive and creative this off-season when it comes to finding “big” talent. We will have to wait and see.