How Should Indianapolis Colts Fans Feel About Super Bowl XLVIII?


Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013-14 Denver Broncos put up one of the most dynamic seasons in NFL history. Denver rode their Super Bowl season on the shoulders (and surgically repaired neck) on QB – Peyton Manning, who had just been awarded his fifth NFL MVP. The end result, was the worst Super Bowl blowout in over a decade.

For fans of the Indianapolis Colts, who may still have ties to Manning, the dynamic disaster that was Super Bowl XLVIII could have been bitter-sweet banality, or the culmination or correct decisions.

Certain Indianapolis fans may have had excitement over Manning’s loss, while others watched the big game in wide-eyed heartbroken amazement. The end result of Super Bowl XLVIII, was a terrible tornado of turnovers, bad schemes, and bad coaching.

The television ratings for Super Bowl XLVIII gathered more numbers in Indianapolis than in Denver. That statistic could be a showing of how dedicated the Circle City still is to their former quarterback, or that Denver fans turned the game off early.

Fans of the Indianapolis Colts have dealt with similar sub-par postseason performances from Peyton Manning. Manning helped to bring Indianapolis their first NFL title, but also has a losing record in the postseason.

As it stands now, the questions remain.