Did the Indianapolis Colts Make the Right Choice, by Letting Go of QB – Peyton Manning?


: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The debate rages on.

As Super Bowl XLVIII looms on the horizon, fans of the Indianapolis Colts get to sit at home, and watch their former franchise quarterback have a chance to solidify his legend in NFL history.

Regardless of what may happen in the Super Bowl, there is little doubt that QB – Peyton Manning has had the best season of his career. Manning’s 2013 season was not-so arguably the best regular season ever. Still, QB – Andrew Luck, in only his second NFL season, continued to break records and rack up wins.

We are a society of fast knowledge, which tends to make us easily forget anything that happened a day, a week, or a month ago. Manning is possibly leading the best NFL team of all time, but young Luck may have also done more with less. Manning has a team loaded with weapons, experienced players, and a well-traveled coaching staff. Luck is the linchpin of a reloaded franchise, which was expected to fail, but succeeded all expectations.

Manning’s comeback is nothing short of legendary. There were doubts (even within his own family) that Peyton would ever play again, much less return to dominance and prominence. Win or lose, “The Sheriff” has solidified one of the most impressive comebacks ever.

Speaking of amazing comebacks, Andrew Luck led his team to 22 wins, two playoff berths, and one AFC South title, in the first two seasons of his career. Luck has also done so with injuries to his starting tight end, two starting running backs, a starting offensive lineman, and a NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver. On top of that, Luck had to play with two offensive coordinators in two seasons, and without his head coach for most of his rookie season.

The Denver Broncos should win Super Bowl XLVIII, and Peyton Manning (much like John Elway) may ride into the sunset as a champion. Regardless of what happens on Super Bowl Sunday, (and afterwards) the Colts made the right difficult decision. Manning may get his glory in 2014, but the Colts have solidified a leader for years to come.