Indianapolis Colts’ LS – Matt Overton Drafted to Team Rice in 2014 NFL Pro Bowl


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The scenerio of the NFL Pro Bowl has changed, and the Indianapolis Colts may be benefiting from it.

The NFL has switched around the rules of the Pro Bowl, in order to try and shake up and excite their fan base. This year, the Pro Bowl rosters are to be selected like a fantasy football draft. Hall of Fame legends Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders are drafting their teams, regardless of divisions or conference.

On Tuesday, Rice and Sanders began their Pro Bowl picks, and Jerry Rice decided to draft Matt Overton from the Indianapolis Colts as his long snapper. Overton joins fellow Colts Andrew Luck and Robert Mathis in Hawaii, but may also be playing against his teammmates and coaching staff. The 2014 Pro Bowl will have no divisional discrection, which means that we could see Colts against Colts, depending on the draft order.

The remainder of the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl draft will take place on Wednesday.