Would the Indianapolis Colts Have Beaten the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship?


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Who knows what may have happened?

The Indianapolis Colts couldn’t seal the deal in the AFC divisional round of the NFL Playoffs against the New England Patriots, which propelled New England into the AFC Championship game. The Patriots matched up against QB – Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, losing in a lopsided game. New England beat up the Colts, and Denver beat up the Patriots. If the tides had turned, would the Colts have succeeded against Denver, where the Patriots failed?

Not likely.

Although the Colts did defeat Denver in week seven, the odds would have been against them in the playoffs. The home squads would have switched, and the pressure would have been amped up to a monumental level. The Broncos (including a 39-33 loss to Indy) put up the most prosperous offensive attack in NFL history. Peyton Manning will most likely win a record-setting fifth NFL MVP, and his team has hit its’ stride at the right time.

The Colts made the Patriots look unbeatable, but the Broncos made New England look like a lackluster team. Indianapolis may have had the energy and effort to battle the Broncos, but most likely did not have the drive.