Pep Hamilton Stays With Indianapolis Colts


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Pep Hamilton of the Indianapolis Colts has been under some fan fire as the offensive coordinator. Recently his name was brought up in the rumor mill regarding the open Vanderbilt head coaching position. It would be a great opportunity for anyone who decides to take it. Rumors are that there is a major salary being offered and as in any head coaching job, you have full control.

Pep has decided to stay with Indianapolis for now. Bruce Feldman from CBS Sports tweeted this morning that Pep “took his name out of consideration. He wants to remain on as #colts OC…” Believe it or not that’s good news.

Pep has been criticized heavily for several things, but one of them is for trying to establish a strong running game when it clearly wasn’t working. Many have said that he needs to rely more on Andrew Lucks arm.

The fact is that the Colts went farther this season than they did last season and finished the season with the same record as last season. So Pep Hamilton’s offensive scheme is just as good if not better than what Colts fans saw last season. Also take into consideration that he did all of this while trying to supplement for several significant injuries on the offensive side of the ball. In the course of the season the Colts lost their top receiver and their two top running backs. A lot of teams would have been done for, but Pep Hamilton found a way to win down the stretch.

Look at the numbers. In the passing game the Colts improved from last year in completions, yards, first downs by passing, fewer interceptions and they ended with the same number of passing touchdowns. In the running game the Colts improved in total rushing yards, yards per attempt and they scored four more rushing touchdowns than last season.

This offense wasn’t overwhelmingly better than last season when you simply look at the numbers. However, you can’t deny that it was better. It was overwhelmingly better when you consider all of the other factors. It was not only Pep’s first season with the team; it was his first season in the NFL. Also consider the injuries that he had to deal with. Finally you have to look at the youth of the offense that he had to work with.

This season was an outstanding performance by Pep Hamilton and it will only get better next year. Consistency improves the team. This season the Indianapolis Colts will enjoy some consistency that they haven’t experienced for a few years.