Was Andrew Luck at Fault for Indianapolis Colts’ Exit in the NFL Playoffs?


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow is another day, but tomorrow won’t bring another game in the NFL Playoffs for the Indianapolis Colts. As tough as the loss may have been, such situations are inevitable for every team in the NFL, except for one. The loss may have been particularly hard on QB – Andrew Luck, but how much burden should he bare?

It’s hard to erase the images of Luck’s turnover-pro tendencies against the New England Patriots. Very rarely do you see a player throw an interception for a touchdown on the first play of any game, much less in the postseason. Luck’s first pass wasn’t taken all the way back into the end zone, but rather to the one yard line. Luck ended the day with a dismal four interceptions, giving him a total of seven in two playoff games this season. The second-year quarterback finished the game with 331 passing yards, and two touchdowns.

For as sloppy as those interceptions may have been, two of the four were not nearly as bad as they may have seemed. In the midst of a comeback attempt, Luck hit FB – Stanley Havili right in the chest. Havili popped the ball in the air, and it was directly taken away by New England. the last turnover came late in the game, as Luck was simply trying to pull the team up on his own, once the contest was nearly out of reach.

There’s really no excuse for such sloppy play, but Andrew Luck was certainly not the only issue for Indianapolis. The Colts looked like a team that was falling apart in every aspect, including the quarterback position. Although he did put the team behind early, he also almost brought them back. Luck didn’t give up six rushing touchdowns to New England.

Still, the burden of proof falls on the shoulders of the team leader. This loss may never be forgotten by Luck, the Colts, and their fans…and it shouldn’t be.