Blue Sunday: Indianapolis Colts Suffer a Letdown Loss


: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The plane ride home must have been a somber one for the Indianapolis Colts.

Following another loss to the New England Patriots in the NFL Playoffs, things around Indianapolis don’t feel very festive either. The morning after their most recent AFC divisional playoff loss seems truly like a blue Sunday. The Circle City sky was stale and drab on Sunday morning. Super Bowl hopes had been dashed once again, and all that remained were questions and curiosities concerning what might have been.

For much of Saturday’s game, the Colts looked outplayed and outsmarted. The Colts trailed from the first minute of the contest, and never really recovered. Indianapolis fought back, bringing the game within a single score, but kept setting up and falling into their own traps. In the end, one team continues to cement their legend, while the other returns to the drawing board for next season.

Fans need not dwell on the ugly loss, any more than they need to cling to the memory of the historic comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs the week before. Still, the memory of the playoff highs are much more worthy of returning to, rather than the sting of their sloppy play in Foxboro. This team will return, will rebound, and will do their best to make the next Blue Sunday another positive one.