Are the Indianapolis Colts Being Underrated in the NFL Playoffs?


: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It may be true, that the 2013-14 Indianapolis Colts have played like night and day, at times. Still, this team has shocked the NFL with two consecutive 11-5 records, two NFL Playoffs berths, one postseason victory, and one AFC South title. The Indianapolis Colts are far from perfect, but they are also one game away from another AFC Championship game.

This season, the Colts have beat the best of the best, but have also looked bad against some of the worst. Indianapolis came back from a 38-10 deficit last Saturday, to make the stuff of NFL legend. Still, this team doesn’t seem to be getting the credit they have earned.

Are the Colts a team of destiny, or are they just getting lucky? It’s true that championships come with favorable bounces of the ball. The New York Giants’ amazing last-second Super Bowl catches against the New England Patriots are perfect examples. New England’s questionable “tuck rule” play against the Oakland Raiders, helped propel them to their first NFL title. Indianapolis would not have beaten the Patriots in 2006, without a lost fumble, that bounced into C – Jeff Saturday’s hands in the endzone.

Andrew Luck caught a similar saving grace last Saturday, when a Donald Brown fumble bounced off the helmet of C – Samson Satele. Luck caught the ball in stride, and flew through the scrum, for the score. Plays like these don’t define a lucky team, rather they become images burned into the annuls of NFL history.

The Colts may be lucky at times, but they also have Luck, and that aint too bad.