Rivalry Renewed: Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots


David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have a score to settle.

Head coach Chuck Pagano and second-year quarterback Andrew Luck have not really been much of a part of the legendary rivalry between the Colts and the New England Patriots, but have now found themselves thrown into a franchise fracas, which dates back to last decade. The Colts and the Patriots aren’t the teams that they used to be, but they are still both fighting to be the best in the world.

The Patriots have fought through losses and injuries on both sides of the ball. The Colts have put over 70 players on their starting lineup this season, and have also had more players on the season-ending injured reserve list than any other NFL team. Tom Brady may be the most resilient quarterback in the league, but Andrew Luck may be the toughest.

Although the players on the chess board may have changed, these two teams will still make another mark in NFL Playoffs history. The New England Patriots may have the hardware, but the Indianapolis Colts have the heart. Either way, both teams will come out swinging on Saturday night.