Can the Indianapolis Colts Continue to Shock the NFL?


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

How long can the Indianapolis Colts keep this up?

By now, the 28-point comeback from the Colts against the Kansas City Chiefs has become the stuff of NFL legend. Indianapolis was well on the way to ending their season on a down note, with a loss at home in the AFC wild card round, but the AFC South champions never gave in. It wasn’t pretty, but the Colts are now one game closer to the AFC championship.

For as amazing as their comeback win was, it was still a sloppy victory in many ways. A team can only come back from a 28 point deficit, if they allow themselves to fall behind that far. Indianapolis showed toughness and true grit in Saturday’s game, but also proved to be inept enough to almost be buried by the 3rd quarter.

This team has proved resilient time and time again, during the young Andrew Luck/Chuck Pagano era. As good as it is to shock the NFL like they have, Indianapolis cannot hope to continue winning these type of games. If the Colts expect to cement their legacy in history, then they must make better decisions, rather than waiting till the last minute to fight back.