Andrew Luck is Taking the Next Step in the NFL


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If QB – Andrew Luck isn’t clutch, then clutch doesn’t exist.

In today’s sporting world, we are victims of the moment. It’s easy to get caught up in what we see or read, as it resides directly in front of our face. The word “elite” is thrown around much too often, and possibly carries more weight than it should, in certain circles. In then end, elite status is judged by Super Bowl rings, playoff victories, and MVP titles. Andrew Luck has just got his first of those, but it could very well be the first of many more.

The second-year signal caller seems unflappable. Call it bull-headed foolishness, or the epitome of courage and confidence, but Luck never seems to be out of a game. Rarely in his NFL career has the former first-overall NFL Draft selection looked defeated or deflated. Even in overwhelming lopsided losses, this young man leads his team with poise and unparalleled effort. Luck’s fighting spirit is infectious, and helps to lift every man on his team, as well as every fan in the stands.

The Indianapolis Colts’ season could quite possibly end next weekend, against the New England Patriots. Regardless of what happens in that game, Andrew Luck has already cemented his legacy, as one of the toughest quarterbacks in the NFL. Looking over how many quarterbacks have been drafted high, just to fall apart after a season or two, then you have to give credit to Luck, the Colts, and their coaching staff. There is no ceiling for what this team and their captain is capable of, and when you have someone who never gives up leading your team, then you will always have a chance.