Know Your Foe: Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Part Two


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This Saturday (Jan 4th, 2013) the Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs will meet for the second time in the last month. The match-up on January 4th will be one-and-done, for the team on the losing side. Listed below, is the remainder of my discussion with Patrick Allen, from Arrowhead

Naptown’s Finest –  Were u surprised by the dominant 7-23 Indianapolis victory over the Chiefs, in week 16?

 Arrowhead Addict – I wasn’t surprised because the Chiefs have yet to beat a playoff team (save the Eagles but that was the Mike Vick version). KC has played well in games against the Broncos and Chargers but not well enough. They’re good again and that is great but they have to learn how to beat the big boys. That is another part of the maturation process. I imagine Luck and the Colts were going through a similar process last year and this year. Indy has a number of impressive wins this season. I think the Chiefs will eventually learn to win those games as well. I don’t know if it will be this season, but I hope so.

NF –  What is your prediction for Saturday’s game, and for Kansas City in the NFL Playoffs?

AA –  I think the teams are fairly evenly matched but I think Indy has the edge in that it has experience winning big games. The Colts have been inconsistent enough that I could see KC sneaking in and winning this one, despite how poorly the Chiefs played the first time around.

But until the Chiefs prove to me that they can beat the NFL’s best teams, I’m not going to believe it. They failed against the Broncos twice, Chargers twice and the Colts. Missouri is the “show me state.” If they want me to start picking them in these games, they need to show me they can win them first.

Colts 24, Chiefs 13

I would like to thank Patrick Allen for his input and information. You can read more from of discussion at Naptown’s