Know Your Foe: Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefs, Part One


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, January 4th, the Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs will kick off the 2014 NFL Playoffs. These two teams met less than a month ago, but now will face-off in the AFC Wildcard round, with their seasons on the line. For more info from the Kansas City point of view, I reached out to Patrick Allen, managing editor of Arrowhead

Naptown’s Finest – Do you think Andy Reid should be NFL coach of the year?

Arrowhead Addict – Yeah, I mean he has to be, doesn’t he? 2-14 to 11-5? Reid engineered one of the best turnarounds in NFL history. The Chiefs have had a remarkable season. Going from picking first in the draft to starting 9-0 is a true accomplishment. Reid deserves the swag.

NF – What do you think of QB – Alex Smith?

AA – I think the Chiefs played some much better QBs and that was the primary reason they slid a bit at the end there. When everything is working for you, you don’t have to make many adjustments. For the first 9 games, everything was working well for the Chiefs. The team eventually met some better QBs and despite the 2-5 record down the stretch, I think they are a better team because of it. KC was forced to open up its offense when the defense began to decline and though the offensive resurgence wasn’t enough to knock off the Broncos or Chargers, I think the Chiefs will be much more dangerous if they can put together complete games on both sides of the ball in the playoffs.

The Chiefs barely lost to the Chargers at Arrowhead and last week’s loss was in OT with backups on the field. KC easily could have swept the Chargers with a little luck and would have finished 13-3.

The only team that really whooped the Chiefs this season was the Colts. Indy just flat out beat them.

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