Indianapolis Colts Look to Sweep the AFC South


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC South might be the worst division in the NFL, but the Colts remain on top of it, regardless.

As we approach the final week of the 2013 NFL regular season, the Indianapolis Colts look to make it a clean sweep of their division. With a home win against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday, Indianapolis will finish 6-0 against the AFC South this season. Indianapolis wrapped up the division title a few weeks ago, but they have not totally swept the AFC South since the days of Peyton Manning. With a win in week 17, the Colts will still have a chance to get a first-round bye in the playoffs. The rest of the division, however, is fairly flawed, to say the least.

The Houston Texans are the worst team in the NFL this season. Houston has already fired their head coach, lost their starting running back for the season, and has swapped starting quarterbacks several times. The Tennessee Titans have been up-and-down, but have rarely shown much excitement on either side of the ball. The Titans lost their starting quarterback early in the season, and simply don’t have many weapons to work with.

The Jaguars have battled injuries as well, but have also chosen to battle back. Instead of folding after an 0-8 start, the Jaguars have gone 4-3 in their past seven games. Three of those wins have been against the AFC South. The Jaguars have already lost to the Colts once, but usually give Indianapolis a tough time at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Indianapolis may be the kings of the worst division in football, but a team can only play who the NFL puts in front of them. One way or another, a 6-0 divisional record is something that the other teams in the AFC South will have to stew over for months, and beware of next season.