Indianapolis Colts are Making a Statement


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Watch out for the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts have dealt with injuries, as well as sub-standard play at times, this season. When the Colts are good, they are great. When the Colts are bad, they are terrible. Even after 16 weeks of this season, it’s still difficult to decide what this team is. Regardless, Indianapolis is on a roll, and the future could be bright.

The Colts were an underdog in week 16, as they approached an away game against the Kansas City Chiefs. No one really knew what to expect from the Colts, as this team had been at the bottom, and had rose to the top, at several times this season. Against the Chiefs, Indianapolis showed what they can do, and put themselves in a formidable NFL Playoffs position.

The Colts’ victory in Kansas City was overshadowed by the record-breaking day by Peyton Manning, as well as the last-second heroics of Tony Romo. The Colts beat down a team that started this season on a 9-0 run, but who looked lackluster at home last Sunday. Kansas City’s defense is ranked as one of the tops of the NFL, but could gather no turnovers against the Colts.

These two teams have a good chance of meeting in the first round of the 2013 AFC Playoffs. The tables could turn, but Indianapolis may have also found a hole in the Kansas City scheme.