Know the Enemy: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans, Part One


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts face another divisional match this Sunday, against the Houston Texans. For more info from the Houston side of things, I contacted Stephen Forsha, from Toro

Naptown’s Finest –  What do you think happened to the Texans, after head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed, at halftime of the last meeting between these two teams?

Toro Times – The Texans were on their way to snapping a then five-game losing streak and since that game things have got even worse for the Texans. In that game, the Texans led 21-3 at halftime, then Gary Kubiak suffered his mini-stroke. After that I feel the Texans weren’t focusing on the game, but their coach who was taken to a hospital, and rightfully so. I just feel without Kubiak there, and the Texans probably not being prepared for that type of situation to happen. Plus this time around … the Texans need to keep an eye on T.Y. Hilton, who had three TDs in the second half.

NF – What do you think of Kubiak getting fired midseason?

TT – What got Kubiak fired was the lack of production from his team and just the overall enthusiasm and discipline of the Texans. Plus, losing 11 straight games, including two to the Jacksonville Jaguars in a span of 11 days didn’t hep his case much. Plus, continuing to rely on Matt Schaub and benching Case Keenum during games probably didn’t help his cause either.

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