One Last Look Back: Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts were wrecked by the Cincinnati Bengals. The 42-28 final score, wasn’t really very indicative of how lopsided the game actually was. Prior the Sunday’s contest, I got in contact with Jason Marcum, from Stripe, to see what he thought about the Bengals and Colts. Listed below is our discussion about this possible NFL Playoffs preview.

Naptown’s Finest – What do you think of QB – Andy Dalton?

Stripe Hype – He’s shown he’s capable of playing at a level in which he could lead this team to a Super Bowl, but he’s also shown he can kill any hopes this team has of winning of postseason game when he’s bad. He’s about as streaky of a QB as I’ve seen in the NFL.
He’s in a pretty rough-stretch right now, which hopefully means he’s going to get hot within the next couple of weeks.

NF –  Head coach Marvin Lewis has run this team through thick and thin, and possibly has the best squad of his coaching career. What are your opinions of Lewis’ durability with this team?

SH – This was his first head coaching job, and it was clear he was a good coach, but his teams’ level of play has been far too inconsistent. He finally looks liker he’s found the right buttons to press with this team, and that’s really the big key in being an NFL head coach; Knowing how to manage your team and bring the best out of them regardless of the situation.
Even when the Bengals have played sloppy this year, at some point, he gets his team to give it their all right down to the final second.

NF -What is the vibe from Bengals Nation this season?

SH – Mixed. Some believe this team is capable of winning a Super Bowl. Others think the losses of players like Geno Atkins and Leon Hall will be too much to overcome.
I’d say right the strongest minority of fans are the ones that think Andy Dalton is holding this team back from winning a Super Bowl. I’m kind of in that same boat, but I actually believe he’s capable of a Joe Flacco-like postseason that could spring the Bengals into the Super Bowl.

NF –  What do you expect from the Bengals this season?

SH – Win a playoff game. It’s been over two decades since Cincinnati won a playoff game. This is the time of they year that more often than not has been filled with sadness, disappointment, and failure to live up to expectations.
This team has to get off the schneid and win a do-or-die game.