Possible NFL Playoffs Preview for the Indianapolis Colts


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This Sunday, two division-leading teams will meet at Paul Brown Stadium, in what could easily be a preview of the 2013 NFL Playoffs.

Both the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts have a multi-game lead in their respective divisions, and both could help pad their playoff seedings with a win. The Bengals have a good chance at winning the AFC North, and the Colts would have to totally collapse to lose the AFC South title. What their match this Sunday means, is that the winning team may be hosting their next meeting, which would be in the post season.

This is also a match-up of two young teams, who happen to both reside relatively close to one another. Regardless of which team hosts the possible playoff meeting, their would be an expectation that fans from both franchises will prominently present themselves at the game. The Bengals are located closer to the Colts than any of their AFC South rivals, which makes this match-up all the more interesting. Both teams are also looking to make a statement win, over a squad that they may very well meet again down the road.

Another interesting factor to Sunday’s game will be the weather. A serious Winter storm is expected to hit the Midwest this weekend, and could still have residual effects by Sunday. It may not still be snowing on Sunday, but the wacky weather will still make for an interesting twist to this outdoor event.

Either way, both teams could take a big step ahead with a victory on Sunday.