Adam Vinatieri Saves the Indianapolis Colts


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Last Sunday, a futue NFL Hall of Fame player saved the Indianapolis Colts.

Against the Tennessee Titans, Adam Vinatieri kicked no-less than five field goals, during the 22-14 victory for the Colts. The win over the Titans nearly wrapped up the AFC South for Indianapolis, which would be their first division title in three seasons. Without Vinatieri’s 16 total points, the Colts would have been in a horse race (excuse the pun) against the Titans. With Sunday’s home victory, the Colts (8-4) have now swept both games against the Titans (5-7) this season, and have put a stranglehold on the AFC South.

Vinatieri has connected on 26 out-of 29 field goals so far this season, and has hit all of his 23 attempted extra points. Vinatieri has kicked 15 fields goals this season over 40 yards, including four that have been over 50 yards. If the Colts intend on making noise in the playoffs, then they will need the sure foot of their Hall of Fame kicker.