Know the Enemy: Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans, Part Two


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With the fate of the AFC South basically on the line, the Tennessee Titans travel to face the Indianapolis Colts. Listed below is the remainder of my discussion with Joshua Huffman, from Titan

Naptown’s Finest – What is your opinion of the Colts?

Titan Sized – Very surprised to see how far they’ve fallen without Reggie Wayne. The Colts should extend Donald Brown just for the sole purpose of playing him against Tennessee. I was surprised to see that team lose its composure during the second quarter. What was it…three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on one drive? Fortunately for them, the Titans couldn’t capitalize with anything more than a field goal.

NF –  What is your prediction for Sunday’s game?

TS – How can I pick the Titans after what they did on that Thursday Night Football game? It’d be blatant homerism. This team has dropped far too many winnable games during the Mike Munchak era.
While the Titans could step up and win this game, I’ve seen them choke up far too many times against above-.500 opponents. If the Colts get blown out here, maybe it’s time to get worried about their chances of advancing beyond the AFC Wild Card round. Or even making the postseason.
Colts 27, Titans 20

I would like to thank Joshua for his time and input.
Joshua Huffman is the editor of the Tennessee Titans fan blog Titan Sized and a project manager at Pro Football Spot.