Know the Enemy: Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans, Part One


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time this month, the Indianapolis Colts will face-off against the Tennessee Titans. This Sunday’s game could help definitively decide the AFC South division. For more information from the Titans’ point of view, I reached out to Joshua Huffman from Titan 

Naptown’s Finest – What was your impression of the first game between the Colts and  Titans this season, when the Colts came back, for a 30-27 victory?

Titan Sized – Sickening. And with every Colts blowout loss, thinking about that comeback victory makes me even sicker. The Titans jumped out to a 14-0, 17-3 lead. Then, before the offense sees the football again, they surrender 17 consecutive points, make Andrew Luck look like Peyton Manning, and Donald Brown looks like Maurice Jones-Drew.
Titans players will look back on this season and realize what they’ve squandered. Losses to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans and Colts after getting up 14-0? Tennessee could’ve easily been well ahead in the AFC South title picture. Instead, they’re barely holding on to that No. 6 seed.

NF – What is the mindset of this team and fan base right now?

TS – Mixed. Some fans are ecstatic because Tennessee has the No. 6 seed. Anything can happen, right? Other fans want to lose out because they’re afraid that Mike Munchak will do “just enough” to keep his job through next season. Then there are fans who are hopeful but not very optimistic. I’m the latter.

NF –  Do you think the Titans can still win the AFC South?

TS – Only if they win out, which almost certainly won’t happen. The Colts have a two-game lead and will almost certainly finish with a better divisional record. They still have two home games against Jacksonville and Houston. That’s nine wins. The Titans could win 10 games if they win out. Let’s not forget that Tennessee has a Dec. 8 road showdown with the Denver Broncos. I give the Titans, very generously, a two-percent chance to win the AFC South.

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