What is Wrong With the Indianapolis Colts?


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts may be in a lot of trouble.

The Colts are still in the driver’s seat, when it comes to the AFC South title. Indianapolis has a two-game lead (and a tie-breaker) over the Tennessee Titans, with the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars out of the division picture. Still, with the Titans coming to play at Indianapolis this Sunday, the Colts could find themselves on a slippery slope. The AFC South is still up for grabs, and if the Colts don’t hold against Tennessee on their home court, then they could find themselves in a very bad situation.

The Colts currently have one of the best records in the AFC, but do not seem to be playing like a division-leading team. The Colts have lost two of their last four games, as well as three of their last six. Even in their wins, the Colts have not looked very solid throughout. Ever since WR – Reggie Wayne went down during a week 7 win over the Denver Broncos, the Colts have not looked the same. In fact, over the last four games, the Colts have been outscored in the first two quarters by a total of 93-12.

The Colts have given up less than 19 points only four times this season. Indianapolis has also been down at halftime, in six of their last seven games. Injuries are mounting, but the AFC South is terrible. Still, if the Colts don’t get things in order, then they are on track for a colossal collapse.