Know the Enemy: Indianapolis Colts vs Arizona Cardinals, Part One


Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

This week, the Indianapolis Colts will travel to meet the Arizona Cardinals. For more info from the Arizona side of things, I got in contact with Scott Allen, editor for Raising Listed below, is the first part of our conversation.

Naptown’s Finest – What kind of impression has new head coach (and former Colts coach) Bruce Arians made in Arizona?

Raising Zona – Depends on who you talk to.  I think for the most part people like what they see.  Personally I think he has been a great hire.  He’s definitely got the offense going a bit, even though they still struggle to get in the end-zone at times.  His personality fits the organization.

NF –  What is your impression of QB –Carson Palmer so far this season?

RZ – Hey, he isn’t Kurt Warner and I think a lot of people expected him to be.  He’s also not John Skelton or Kevin Kolb either.  He throws his bonehead interceptions for sure but he has been serviceable while the Cards wait for the perfect time to draft one.  He’s a stop-gap quarterback.  He certainly has played a lot better over the past three games.  I’m one of the few who hasn’t at one point or another wanted to pull him in favor of Drew Stanton.  Everyone wanted to do that a month ago when they were 3-4.  I said wait till they are out of it and now they are in the hunt for the playoffs.

Stay tuned to Naptown’s Finest, for more of my discussion with Scott Allen, which will be posted soon.