Will Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy Make the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame?


Both wideout Marvin Harrison and former player/coach Tony Dungy have been nominated to semifinalist staus for next year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony, but both have a hard hill to climb. Both Dungy and Harrison have won a Super Bowl title with the Colts, but the other names on this list carry have a heavy list of accomplishments, as well.

Included with Harrison and Dungy on the list of semifinalists are names like DE- Michael Strahan, WR- Andre Reed, RB – Jerome Bettis, and former head coach Jimmy Johnson. Johnson and Reed will be very tough competitors to enter the hall, against Dungy and Harrison. Reed, who appeared in four-straight Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills, has been snubbed for nearly ten years. Johnson, as coach of the Dallas Cowboys, won two-straight Super Bowls in the same era.

There is little doubt that both Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison will eventually make the Hall of Fame. Still, this class is loaded with very comparable competitors. As a player, Dungy also won a Super Bowl XIII ring, as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dungy is also well-known for his charitable work around the nation, including both Tampa Bay and Indianapolis. Harrison led the NFL in receiving yards and receptions twice, and has eight Pro Bowls under his belt.

Tony Dungy may go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame right away. Marvin Harrison may have to wait. Both men may have to wait. Regardless of when they become immortal, it would be amazing to see them inducted on the same year.