Know the Enemy: Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans, Part One


Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

This Thursday, the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans will face off in Nashville, for a game that may be the deciding factor in who wins the AFC South. For more information on the Titans side of things, I reached out to Joshua Huffman, from Titan Joshua Huffman is the editor of Titan Sized, and a project manager at Pro Football Spot.

Naptown’s Finest – What do you think about the QB situation, now that Jake Locker is officially done for the season?

Titan Sized – Could we borrow Matt Hasselbeck for the last seven games (plus playoffs)? Seriously though, this fan base doesn’t have much confidence in Ryan Fitzpatrick. He lost both of his starts against the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks. His problem occurs during the fourth quarter. Every single time there’s a close fourth quarter, Fitzpatrick throws a damning interception or gives up a fumble. When Fitzpatrick played with the Buffalo Bills, he was historically bad in those situations. Almost impossible to see them winning 5 of 7 en route to a 9-7 record.

NF – Do you think Locker’s injury will stunt his growth as a pro? What do you think about his future with this team?

TS – Locker didn’t start any games as a rookie. Last season, he started 11 of 16 games. He was healthy for one of those games. This season, he was healthy until a Week 4 knee/hip injury. Now it’s his foot. Along with his collegiate injury history, how can you trust his durability? One can hope that it changes. Most of his injuries are flukes, however, he must learn to slide. His insistence on running into defenders is a huge mark against him.

You can read more of my discussion with Joshua Huffman soon on Naptown’s Finest, and also find more on Titan