Can the Indianapolis Colts Continue to be Comeback Kids?


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Is it luck, or is it Luck?

Andrew Luck is riding a record-breaking streak of comeback wins to start his career. In less than two seasons, Luck has rallied his team a unprecidented ten times in the fourth quarter, snatching victories from the jaws of defeat. As amazing as these wins have been, it raises the questions as to why and how the Indianapolis Colts are finding themselves in these situations.

On Sunday night, the Colts came out of the gate sputtering on offense, and getting blown away on defense. In nearly the blink of an eye, Indianapolis was down by 18 points to the Houston Texans, in hostile territory, where that they hadn’t won for three seasons.  Still, Luck and his team played with poise, pulling off their biggest division victory in years.

It’s impressive (if not astounding) that the Colts can remain so even-tempered, even when they are facing defeat. The fact that the team can clamp down on defense and find rhythm on offense late is games is a good sign of determination and belief in their system. Still, there’s only so many times that a team can come out flat, fall behind, and still squeak by at the end.

A win is a win, and these victories have sure been interesting to view. If the Colts can only find a way to start strong and stay strong on a regular basis, then the sky is the limit for what they can accomplish.