Know the Enemy: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans, Part One


: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The path to the AFC South title broadens this Sunday night, as the Indianapolis Colts travel to face the Houston Texans. For more from the Houston point of view, I reached out to Stephen Forsha, editor for Toro Listed below is the first part of our conversation, concerning the Colts and Texans.

Naptown’s Finest – Houston has had a very shaky season so far. What is your opinion of Houston’s current situation?

Toro Times – The current situation for this season, in my opinion, is this season is a wash with all the losses, the injuries and the situation they have at the quarterback position.
With the emergence of Case Keenum being named the starting quarterback happened a little too late to make a difference this season. Also the injuries to Owen Daniels and Brian Cushing will continue to have a negative impact on this team.
The best case situation for the Texans for the remainder of the season is they win the games they are supposed to win as they have a winnable three games following this Sunday’s matchup against the Colts.
Only time will tell if they can fix their problems this season, but I doubt it.

NF – What is your opinion of the benching of QB-Matt Schaub?

TT -I agree with the decision, because Schaub just wasn’t producing for the Texans at the QB position.
What I like with this move is the Texans finally made it public they had a problem and they are trying something different, finally. This season the offense has looked stale and I really believe Keenum will make a difference with this offense. I’m not saying the Texans will be going to the playoffs, but I think the overall play will improve.

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