Know the Enemy: Indianapolis Colts vs San Diego Chargers


: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts will travel to play against the San Diego Chargers in week six. For more information from the San Diego side of things, I reached out to Ernie Padaon, from

Naptown’s Finest –  How impressed are you with the rebound season that Philip Rivers is having?

Bolt Beat – Philip Rivers has been very impressive this season. The offense is perfect for him this season and the coaching staff is trusting him to read the defense and make quick reads. He didn’t have that luxury under Norv Turner and the offense became stale with Norv running the show. He also didn’t have much help around him the last couple of seasons. The offensive line was trash and the receivers were not making plays. Rivers’ return is because other players around him started making some plays.

NF-  Looking back on the Rivers, Eli Manning trade, which quarterback would Chargers fans rather have right now?

BB– I don’t know of one time that I would have ever wanted Eli Manning over Philip Rivers. I know Eli has had the glory of winning two Super Bowl rings, but I have always felt that Rivers is the better quarterback. I would love those rings over here, but I don’t think Eli would have done it in San Diego either. Plus, Eli looks dreadful this season.

NF-  The Chargers barely lost to the Houston Texans in week one. How hard was that loss, and how surprising is it to see how the two teams have favored since then?


BB– That was a tough loss, but the team bounced back the next week to beat the Philadelphia Eagles. Those close losses are going to add up at the end of the season and will likely haunt us. We had a huge lead in that game and should have another win under our belt.

As for the Texans, it is a mess at their quarterback position right now. Schaub threw an interception to start out the game in San Diego and has been throwing them over and over and over again. His interception against us wasn’t a pick-six, but we turned it into a touchdown on the very next play.

NF–  What are your expectations for the Chargers this season?

BB- We are a competitive team. We will be able to hang with a lot of teams with our offense, but the defense has to step up and make some plays. The team is still gelling in all kinds of areas with a new coaching staff and system in place. We are going to have our ups and downs. There are so many factors down the road and this team could be in the playoff race or could be in the race for a top-10 draft pick.

NF-  What are your expectations for Monday night’s game?

BB-The Chargers are going to complete and will move the ball down the field. The biggest question is can we take care of the football and will the defense step up and make plays. It will be close. I hate choosing a winner, because I can never go against the Chargers.

I would like to thank Ernie for his time and input. You can read more of Ernie’s work on Bolt