Indianapolis Named as a Finalist to Host Super Bowl LII at Lucas Oil Stadium


: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the NFL narrowed down the choices for which cities could still host Super Bowl LII. The three remaining cities in consideration are Minnesota, New Orleans, and Indianapolis.

Indianapolis will face stiff competition from New Orleans and Minnesota. Minnesota is in the process of building a brand new stadium, which usually helps a city get further consideration to host a super Bowl in the future. The city of New Orleans will be celebrating their 300th anniversary that year, which will be hard for the NFL to ignore. Still, in many ways, Indianapolis is a front-runner for these bids.

Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, did a fantastic job hosting Super Bowl XLVI. The city of Indianapolis got some help from Mother Nature, as well as thousands of volunteers, to make an amazing Super Bowl experience in a cold weather area. If the Circle City can get the chance to host this event again, there is little doubt that they will do their best to improve on a stellar past performance.