Know the Enemy: Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks


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The Indianapolis Colts will host the undefeated Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. For more info from the Seattle side of things, I got in contact with Mitch Quesada, co-editor of the Seahawks’ website, 12th Man

Naptown’s Finest –  The Seahawks have done well on the road recently, despite the long travels. Do you think the long trip and early start time affect the Seahawks on Sunday?

12th Man Rising – This will be the third time this season the Seahawks will kickoff at 10 a.m. PT. While travel is certainly an issue for any NFL team, I think the Seahawks have handled it well thus far and will continue to do so in Indianapolis. Whether they win or lose, the Seahawks leave it all on the field no matter what the time of day is. As a result, they should not be too affected by the travel for this game, they should be more worried about the talented team they will be playing.

NFRichard Sherman and Andrew Luck played together in college. Who do you think will have the bigger game this Sunday?

12MR –   I think they both need to have a big game for their teams to win. They are both playmakers and leaders. If Luck has his stuff going early, the Colts should have the confidence they need to get past an intimidating defensive secondary. At the center of that secondary is Sherman. A big game from him will pump up his defense and inspire the Seahawks offense, just as his game-tying interception return for a touchdown did last week in Houston. At the end of it all, I think Sherman will have a bigger game. It takes a lot of plays for a quarterback to get in the rhythm to inspire his teammates — it takes a defender just one big play.

NF – Seattle has a banged-up offensive line. Do you expect them to have a hard time with Robert Mathis and the Colts defense?

12MR – Absolutely. The Seahawks offensive line looked horrendous last week against J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans defense. Russell Wilson only got 23 passes off and was forced to run for 77 yards. That cannot happen again on Sunday against the Colts. If it does, Mathis and his boys are going to have a fun time pile driving Wilson into the ground. The offensive line is the blockade and a weak one, like the Seahawks’, spells trouble for any defense, especially one as talented as Indianapolis.

NF –  What do you expect from the Seahawks this season?

12MR – The Seahawks are rolling right now but it is illogical to believe they will be a perfect 16-0 when the postseason comes. I think they will finish either 12-4 or 13-3, win the NFC West and make a serious run to the Super Bowl. If they can clinch home field advantage in the postseason, watch out.

NF –  What is your prediction for Sunday’ game?

12MR – I have been dreading this question all week. I have been looking at the stats and reading into players and flip-flopping on who “should” win and who will “actually” win. If last week’s game against the Texans was decided by stats alone, Houston would have won in a laugher. Alas, stats never tell the whole story.
I’m sticking with my gut and picking the Hawks to narrowly beat the Colts in a game that will be decided by a mistake or a bad call.
Seahawks 24, Colts 21

I would like to thank Mitch Quesada for his input and time. You can read more about the Seattle Seahawks on his website,