Know the Enemy: Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts will travel to face the AFC rival Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, with the Jaguars attempting to win their first game of the season. For more info from the Jacksonville side of this game, I got in contact with Jason Love, who covers the Jaguars for Black and

Naptown’s Finest – Who do you think should be the starting quarterback for the Jaguars?

Black and Teal –   Blaine Gabbert should be the Jaguars’ starting quarterback. As bad as the QB situation is here in Jacksonville, Blaine Gabbert offers the most upside. His measurables are better. His salary cap hit is more manageable, in fact, his money is guaranteed so you have to pay him whether you cut him or not. His stats are pretty much that same as Chad Henne’s, but Henne is a known commodity. Gabbert has had as many coaches as he has had seasons in the NFL. Gabbert  is only 23 too.

NF – What do think of the mini-rally held by Jacksonville fans, in attempts to get Tim Tebow signed?

BT –  The mini-rally was a pure joke. There were more media at the “rally” than there were supporters. The only reason that this rally even gained traction is because ESPN just wants to shove Tebow down our throats.

NF – The Jaguars are offering two free beers to fans who buy a ticket to the game against the Colts on Sunday. What do you think of this promotion?

BT – Who doesn’t love free beer? I think it’s a great promotion. Beer loosens the vocal chords and lets people be more inclined to cut loose. The Bold City Brigade and the Jaguars are trying to implement more crowd based interactions through chants and free beer is definitely a way to get people to be more willing to participate.

NF – What do you expect from the Jaguars this season?

BT – What do I expect? I expect nothing. I know this is rebuilding, no, a new construction. There are no true expectations. I am just watching for growth, from anywhere. Ultimately, this season comes down to 3 outcomes. 1. Gabbert is terrible > Jags are Terrible > Jags get QB-Teddy Bridgewater . . . or 2. Gabbert becomes average > Jags are average > Jags are mired in mediocrity unless GM Caldwell goes after his guy. . . or 3. Gabbert finally sees the light and becomes very good > Jags are better > Jags can go after whatever position they want next year. Obviously scenario #1 and #3 are preferable and that I am already looking forward to the draft.

NF – What do you expect from Sunday’s game?

BT –  I expect the team to play better. The biggest issue on the team right now is the horrible play of the interior offensive line. However, the coaching staff is now changing up the blocking schemes from zone to gap control, so I expect a little more time for Gabbert. Also, TE- Marcedes Lewis is back and he is a phenomenal blocker and offer more than the current backup TEs (blocking AND catching, rather than just catching.) I can fully see more rollouts and sweeps happening with the more athletic Gabbert and the extra blocking of Lewis. However, the Jaguars defense is extremely banged up in coverage and will probably struggle against the pass. I think that even though Gabbert’s Jags have historically done well against the Colts, I don’t see a win happening for the Jags.

I’d like to thank Jason Love for his time and input. You can read more about this match-up on Black and Teal, as well as Naptown’s