Colts’ Week Two in Review: The Secondary


Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis, IN – The Indianapolis Colts lost to the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday, and one of the glaring reasons for that loss was their inability to stop Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins’ offense. There were multiple opportunities for the Colts’ secondary to make plays to get the ball away from Miami, but they were unable over and over again to stop the Dolphins on third downs.

LaRon Landry had another big game tackling-wise, posting 11 total stops. He’s got 26 tackles through the first two games alone. Landry is the one player who has consistently made plays for the Colts’ secondary so far through the first two weeks of the season, and you shouldn’t expect to see him stop doing that. Not only has he been a play-maker for the Colts, he did the same thing last year for the New York Jets’ defense. He is exactly what you think of when you think of consistency.

Vontae Davis had yet another lackluster game, totaling just just three tackles and no other stats. That’s two games that he has been a complete disappointment. He was acquired last off-season in exchange for a second-round pick, and so far the Colts have not gotten anything close to the level of production that they were expecting from him. At just 25 years of age, he still has plenty of time to figure things out, but there is no doubt that the Colts and their fans are getting a bit impatient with him.

Greg Toler had a very impressive showing in his Week 1 debut for the Colts, and had a fairly good game against Miami in Week 2. He was able to rack up five tackles to go along with two defensed passes. He’s got a great nose for the ball, and gets his hands on the football. As the season continues, Indianapolis will continue to rely on his play-making ability to help out their secondary.

Antoine Bethea totaled a solid seven tackles and defensed a pass as well. He’s going to be solid each and every game he plays in, and you can expect that he will continue to be one of the rocks on that Colts defense. The duo of LaRon Landry and Antoine Bethea could very well be the most dominant duo in the NFL. They’re two of the best play-makers at that position, and are both great team leaders as well.

The Colts’ secondary played fairly well individually in their Week 2 match-up with the Dolphins, but they were shredded for 319 yards by Ryan Tannehill. There is no doubt that they have work to do on their pass defense, but those issues are things that can be worked out as the season progresses. They have the necessary play-makers in their defensive backfield, they just have to make the plays.

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