Five Questions About the Indianapolis Colts vs Miami Dolphins


: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts (1-0) will host the Miami Dolphins (1-0) on Sunday, in a battle of teams trying to go 2-0 to start the season. For more information from the Miami side of things, I reached out to Brian Miller, who covers the Dolphins for Listed below are a few questions from our discussion about the match-up between the Colts and the Dolphins.

Naptown’s Finest – What is your opinion of the Dolphins starting their 2013 season with two road games in the Midwest?

Phin Panatic –  It was a little rough to see the schedule come out but I suppose it’s good that we are not on the West Coast.  Three of the first five games for Miami are all on the road with 3 of those playoff teams.  It’s a brutal opening schedule for the Dolphins all the way until October.

NF – What do you think of WR-Mike Wallace?

PP –  It’s so early in the season that it’s hard to tell.  He was targeted 5 times in week 1 but only caught one ball for 15 yards.  It wasn’t a fault of his or the QB’s but more on the coverage from Cleveland Browns CB-Joe Haden.  One thing for certain is his presence is opening up the passing lanes for the other receivers.

NF – What do you think of QB-Ryan Tannehill? Do u believe that he’s been lost in the shuffle, when it comes to the NFL’s new crop of young quarterbacks?

PP – I really like this kid.  He is very cerebral on the field.  Maybe a little too much as he rarely takes any risks.  I don’t think he really has done much to warrant being mentioned in the young up and coming QB’s.  That has more to do with the lack of success as team whole than on Tannehill himself.

NF –  What would starting the season 2-0 mean for the Dolphins?

PP –  It would be very important as the Dolphins will play the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and New England Patriots, following the Colts game.  More importantly however two road wins would increase the fan support at home that has been sorely lacking in recent years.

NF –  What do you expect from Sunday’s game against the Colts?

PP –  A lot of the same from last year.  The Dolphins need to keep Luck and his WR’s in check.  Last year he set a rookie single game passing record against Miami.  I suspect the game is going to remain pretty close but I think Indy has more potential for a big game changing play.

I would like to thank Brian Miller for his time and his input. You can read more of Brian’s work, and more from our discussion, at Phin