Should the Indianapolis Colts be Concerned With Jim Irsay’s Criticism


Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay is on the Twitter attack again.

As was previously reported by our co-editor Jamie Ellis, Irsay unleashed more tweets on Wednesday, critiquing his Colts. Even after a week one victory over the Oakland Raiders, there were some obvious holes in the Colts’ execution. Irsay obviously was not pleased with most of performance, stating that he demands the Colts protect Andrew Luck better, from top to bottom on offense.

Irsay’s tweets are free-wheeling, and flow with unique randomness. Following his tweet about Luck’s protection, Irsay posted a statement about the Miami Dolphins bringing the heat to the Colts this Sunday, and how the Colts will have to bring a ‘NASA-like HEAT-SHIELD’ to the field. Following that tweet, the owner put up a contest on Twitter, offering fans the chance to win tickets to Sunday’s game and on-field pregame passes.

Irsay’s criticism could be considered as harsh, but his comments on Wednesday were a far cry from the tongue-lashing he tweeted out after the Colts lost their first preseason game to the Buffalo Bills. The Colts and their coaches could take the owner’s comments to heart, but it may be best just to pay attention. Regardless of what anyone off the field says, this team still has to go out and play to the best of their ability every week. Maybe Jim Irsay is looking a bit more like Jerry Jones recently, by putting some of the team’s focus on himself. Maybe the owner is just trying to light a fire under his players and coaches. Regardless of the reasoning, the Colts will try to remain undefeated this Sunday, and Irsay will still be the one signing their checks.