A New Tweet from Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay


Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has quite a bit on his mind.  He is also not one to keep these thoughts to himself.  He kept me up one night during the offseason when I thought for sure that we were trading for WR Victor Cruz.  His posts were coming quick and heavy.  In the end, nothing happened.  After our first preseason game of the year, talk centered more on Irsay’s tweets than the game itself which saw the Colts get trounced by the Buffalo Bills.  Just a refresher from the boss:

There are mixed views on Irsay’s tweets, but he does help us stay informed.  Furthermore, he let’s us as fans know that he is taking care of business.  While it was only a preseason game, it was indeed a crap performance all the way around.

Now, today, Irsay comes out with this tweet:

Irsay demands better as do I as a fan.  I’ve been open about my week 1 thoughts.  After committing over $100M in the offseason to new talent, we should not win a last second game against Oakland.  We should at least beat them by 10+ points.  Irsay has every right to demand a better performance.  While I want a better performance, I can’t demand it.  I’m not the owner.  I can simply give up my season tickets if I’m not happy.  Irsay has to live with the performances as the owner.  It’s no different in any business.  People must be held accountable for their actions/inactions.  Failure to hold accontability leads to diminished performance.

I understand Irsay (and I) are venting after what we consider a poor performance in week 1.  Every team has a hiccup every so often and it is not surprising if it comes in week 1.  Even the Patriots nearly lost to the Bills.  We just need to see progress in week 2.  That’s it – let’s just see some progress.

Keep tweeting Jim!