What Should the Indianapolis Colts Expect From Oakland Raiders’ QB-Terrelle Pryor?


The Indianapolis Colts will have their hands full against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Not much is expected from the Raiders in 2013, but not much was expected from the Colts in 2012, either. The biggest enigma on the Raiders’ roster happens to be from their most important position, and the Colts may have difficulty dealing with that.

After much deliberation in the preseason, Terrelle Pryor has been named the Raiders’ starting quarterback. Pryor, entering his third NFL season, hasn’t seen much regular season action. The former Rose Bowl MVP almost got the starting job by default, due to inconsistency from the other quarterbacks on Oakland’s roster. Still, the fact that there is a lack of good film on Pryor as a pro starter, could prove dangerous for the Colts.

Pryor’s only NFL start came in the Raiders’ final game last season, where he accounted for three total touchdowns (two pass, one rush). At times in the preseason, Pryor looked agile and aware on his feet, but also looked wild and inconsistent with his throwing motions. Sunday’s game at Lucas Oil Stadium could truly be a boom or bust affair for the Raiders, and it all depends on their quarterback.

The main focus for the Colts must be to contain Terrelle Pryor, and to make him throw, rather than run. Pryor is a dangerous athlete when on the run, and could keep Oakland in the game with his legs, if allowed.