John Boyett, Indianapolis Colts 6th Round Pick, Arrested


Mandatory Credit: Jim Z. Rider

John Boyett, a player who I felt was a solid choice with our 6th round pick in 2013, was arrested early Monday morning for disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting law enforcement.  Nothing like getting his Colts career off to a rock’in start.  Unfortunately for Boyett, who has been healing from a college injury, this is the type of behavior the Colts will not condone.  I’m not saying Boyett will be cut, however, as a 6th round pick who has not yet practiced, the Colts won’t give him a long leash.

According to the police report, the incident started when an employee at Tiki Bob’s bar would not allow Boyett into the bar as he was clearly intoxicated. Boyett made a scene in front of other bar patrons but disappeared as police arrived. He later showed up once again and, when he was confronted by police, he continually shouted, “you can’t arrest me, I’m a Colts player.” He then tried to run from them. He was chased down several alleys before being apprehended. Apparently, he also suffered “slight” injuries to his arm and elbow when he fell down while being chased.

What an embarrassment to the Colts organization. This occurs on the heels of 2 offseason events including Joe Lefeged’s arrest on gun possession charges and LeVon Brazil’s suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. While the other 2 incidents are acceptable, this one probably bothers me the most. Anyone who thinks they can get away with something because “they are a Colts player” is completely misguided. Again, I’m not saying Boyett will be cut; however, the front office and fans will not be very forgiving. If he is given a chance to stay with the club, Boyett better turn to Pat McAfee for some advice. McAfee was able to escape public scorn when he was arrested for public intoxication while taking a brief swim in Indy’s downtown canal area. McAfee is now one of the most beloved Colts for his work in the community and his love for the city. Will Boyett go this far? Will he even be given the chance to ask forgiveness? We will see.

As for me, I’m not very tolerant when a player exhibits this type of misguided behavior.