Colts Get Average Rating in Madden 25 Video Game


Happy Maddenoliday!

I no longer participate in the Madden video game festivities as I have turned my attention to three other things:

1. Family

2. Working out

3. Blogging

Those three things take up enough time–as well as the fact that I have a day job–that I literally don’t have a spare moment to do any playing of video games. Not that I’m too disappointed about it. I only played sports video games in my day, and the Madden game–from what I remember–wasn’t improving all that much. Maybe that was just me, though.

So, my disappointment led me to sell my XBOX360 Elite and buy a pair of Bowflex Selectech dumbbells, which have been a much more useful investment.

But enough about me, on to the game.

The Colts were given a very pedestrian 83 overall rating, which actually isn’t too terrible, but it’s not all that high for a playoff team either. Andrew Luck isn’t even among the team’s three highest rated players, and right tackle Gosder Cherilus was given a rating of 90 overall, possibly the most shocking rating of any player in the league.

Andrew Luck was given an overall rating of 88, which is pretty solid all things considered. He could emerge as a top five QB in the NFL this season or next, so an overall of 88 which is knocking on the door of the best in the league is a good spot for him to start.

Defensively, Robert Mathis and LaRon Landry were both given an overall rating of 86, while Antoine Bethea was given an overall rating of 87. Cornerback Vontae Davis is also among the highest rated players on this Colts roster, coming in at 87 overall.

Pat McAfee, the punter, is the highest rated Colts player at 94 overall.

You can check out a full list of the Colts’ players and ratings by following this link here.