Tides Turn for the Indianapolis Colts in NFL Preseason


Maybe Jim Irsay should Tweet more often.

Last Monday, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts ripped his team on Twitter, following a sloppy preseason home-opening loss to the Buffalo Bills. The Colts and their coaching staff must have got the message, because the team came out swinging against the New York Giants.

After getting very little done in a 44-20 loss against Buffalo, the Colts traveled to battle the Giants, and showed a nationwide audience what this team may be capable of this season. The Colts won their first game of the NFL preseason, besting the Giants 20-12. The game and the score had its flaws for the Colts, but there was also a bit more fire shown on both sides of the ball.

The Colts first-team offense had 17 points at halftime, but the team could only muster another three points after. As a matter of fact, the Giants finished the game on a 9-3 run against Indianapolis in the second half. The more impressive factor of this match-up against the Giants may be that this defense did not allow a touchdown, after giving up nearly 50 points against the Bills in the previous game.

It’s still early in the preseason, but it’s still good to see a team play with fire, and to win on the road.