Jim Irsay Calls Out Indianapolis Colts on Twitter


Maybe preseason games matter more than we think.

Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, lit his team up on Twitter Monday afternoon, following their 44-20 preseason home loss to the Buffalo Bills. Irsay called his team’s first preseason performance “crap”, apologized, and said that his “commanders got an earful”.

Irsay is notorious for causing a stir on social media. His tweets range from raucous to respectable, but this shout-out was surprising. Obviously, the owner seems a bit more upset with the lopsided loss than many would expect.

Sunday’s game was truly ugly in a lot of ways, but there didn’t seem to be much to really get concerned about, considering that this is the first time this team has taken the field as a unit. In fact, the Colts on Sunday weren’t even nearly a complete team, so it’s hard to think that the lack of scheme execution is that important.

Still, Irsay pays the bills, and his obvious concern after one preseason game raises eyebrows. Maybe it’s the fact that expectations for this team after 2012 were raised across the board. Maybe the owner saw something on Sunday that troubled him for the future. Regardless, when an owner owns up and apologizes to fans who paid full price for preseason tickets, it gives those fans a little insight to where the organization wants to be.

When an owner calls out his team after one preseason game, it also gives fans on the ledge a reason to jump.

You can follow the Colts’ owner on Twitter – @JimIrsay