What to Look for From Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills in NFL Preseason Game 1


Sunday marks the opening of the NFL preseason for the Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills, and their game will bring attention to new additions and interests for Indianapolis.

Throughout nearly two weeks of training camp, the Colts have been competing against each other for roster spots. Sundays game against the Bills will be the first time that this new team will take the field against an actual opponent. Even though the starters will not see much action, the bulk of the interest on Sunday will be in the deeper position battles.

The defensive line is one of the deepest spots on the roster, but it is still undetermined as to who will play when and where. The defensive line was loaded up in the offseason, and the mix of veterans and young talent could look inpressive, but could also be a mess.

Speaking of mess, the offensive line needs to clean itself up in a big way. If Andrew Luck is constantly on the run and getting hit, then he’s not going to last long in this league. With new players coming in, and players coming back from injury, the offensive line will have to stand tall and stand their ground. Expect to see a lot of shuffling on the offensive line, until the Colts can sure up that area for the regular season.

The wide receivers are also a point of interest on the offense. Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton are entrenched in their starting spots, but there is at least two open spots on the Colts’ offense, and some of the wide outs really need to show up strong. It will be interesting to see which of the new wide receivers use their time on the field to impress the fans and coaching staff.

The preseason isn’t always interesting for a team expected to be near the top of their conference, but when there are so many open areas on the roster, there are always holes that need filled.