WR Jeremy Kelley Could Surprise Coaches of Indianapolis Colts


The race for wide receiver roster spots on the Indianapolis Colts is off and running.

The Colts have an abundance of wide receivers in training camp right now, with only a handful of spots available. There are a couple of familiar faces, but most of the competition to make the team comes from fresh faces to the franchise. Even if they don’t make the starting squad, there’s a good chance that a couple of these new receivers could make the reserve roster.

One of these new names in camp is 25 year-old rookie receiver, Jeremy Kelley. Kelley (6’6”, 231lbs) has the physical stature that has been unfamiliar to the Colts for quite some time. Wide outs in Indianapolis have rarely been known as the “Jump up -n- get it” types, massive targets that can leap and stretch over smaller defenders. The Colts could benefit from such a physically gifted receiver on their roster.

Kelley played four seasons at the University of Maine, but saw limited action, totaling only 13 receptions for 148 yards and one touchdown. During his time in college, he was also named a Maine Scholar-Athlete Award winner.  Over the last two years, Kelley also spent time in the CFL and AFL. That period of his career was highlighted by three-straight games with two receiving touchdowns, for the AFL’s Utah Blaze.

Kelley is yet to prove himself as a reliable receiving target, but the promise is there. If Kelley could put his physical talent together with a dedication to the knowledge of running routes, then there might just be a spot for this rookie on the roster of the Indianapolis Colts.