Indianapolis Colts Have First Practices in Pads for 2013 Training Camp


It’s time for the Indianapolis Colts to start getting chippy at practice, and head coach Chuck Pagano is excited about it.

“There’s gonna be some crackin goin on,” Pagano told the media on Monday. “These guys been goin at each other, layin on each other, pushin on each other in just helmets and shirts. They’re tired of it.”

Tuesday and Wednesday marks the first time that the Colts will practice in pads for their 2013 training camp. This team, chock full of competition at many positions, was already getting feisty on the field for minicamp last month. The time has finally come for this young Colts team to put the pads on, and take the safety gloves off for a bit.

” I’m a little bit worried,” Pagano added. “Guys might get a little over-zealous. It might get a little out of control, but that’s just the nature of the beast. These guys are hungry.”

That kind of attitude is a welcome change to the days when former Colts coach Tony Dungy would fine players $10,000 if they got into a fight at practice. Of course, Pagano is not advocating violent skirmishes, but if you’re building a monster, then that monster must be able to frighten people.