Indianapolis Colts Continue 2013 NFL Training Camp


As 2013 NFL training camp continues for the Indianapolis Colts, so does the competition. The battles for roster spots all around this young team will be amped up further, as the Colts get closer to their first preseason game.

From the linebackers and defensive line, to the secondary, the Colts’ defense needed some reloading. The Colts’ offense was dynamic last season, but the offensive line was an injured mess. The offensive and defensive line has been loaded with new faces, brought in by either free agency or the 2013 NFL Draft. Many of the members from the 2012 team who will be competing against these new faces were recently brought in as well, during the Colts’ reloading process last season.

For a team that has over 30 new names on their current roster, these two-a-day practices will be very important, to help coaches evaluate roster positioning. As the regular season gets closer, the numbers will dwindle, and the full view of the 2013 Indianapolis Colts will come into focus.

The Indianapolis Colts will host the Buffalo Bills in their first preseason game on Sunday, August 11th.