LaVon Brazill Opens up at Indianapolis Colts Training Camp


Jan 6, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Indianapolis Colts wide receiver LaVon Brazill (15) prior to the AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens at M

Facing a four game suspension for a failed drug test (marijuana), Colts WR LaVon Brazill has to keep his focus at training camp knowing that he won’t be able to help his team win for a quarter of the season.

On a team that doesn’t have the greatest depth at WR, Brazill’s roster spot should be safe–for now–but he’s got to change his ways off the field if he wants to keep a spot in the NFL, much less one with the Colts. He apparently has assured the team that his drug days are behind him, and he’s looking forward to the future of choosing money (football) over bad habits.

“I know any one of you would choose money any day, so that’s gone and I’m choosing money any day,” Brazill said Monday.

“It was my mistake, I shouldn’t have (done) that but they were still with me,” said Brazill.  “They said I’m a talented player, and they’re going to stay with me.  (I’m) just going to put this in the past and move forward.  You won’t hear (anymore) from me.

“I messed up.  I let my teammates down and let the organization down.  It’s out of my life now.”

Brazill says not changing his ways sooner was a mistake he made in not caring enough about the severity of his consequences.

“I shot myself in the foot on that. I didn’t take that serious, but now I see that it’s serious,” Brazill said when asked about changing his ways earlier. “Like I said, I’m putting that in the past and I’m moving forward now.”

The former Ohio Bobcats star doesn’t feel like he has a drug problem, and he realizes that he is somewhat running out of chances, especially with the wakeup call of tight end Weslye Saunders being released by the team in the wake of his eight game suspension.

“No more of this. No more of this,” Brazill said. “This is out of my life and I’m done.”

Hopefully Brazill’s off-field issues are completely behind him, so he can focus on football and benefitting the community rather than showing up on a police blotter. He has too bright of a future with this team in a star-studded class of 2012 to be getting himself into this kind of trouble.