Indianapolis Colts Get Blessed With Great Weather at 2013 NFL Training Camp


Last Summer, as the Indianapolis Colts began training camp, Indiana was mired in the hottest July in recorded history. When their camp began the year before that the state was suffering through the hottest Summer in history, with July temps getting up to 100 degrees. This July, the football gods seem to have set their blessings on the Colts, as the Summer heat has taken a break for the start of their 2013 NFL training camp.

Temperatures have hovered around the low-80s for the first two days of Colts camp, which is a major relief in July, even during a normal Summer. On Sunday, as the Colts closed out the first day of camp, the overnight temperatures reached record-lows all around the state.

As the first week of 2013 training camp continues, the Colts may be enjoying the same type of surprise Summer breezes. Temperatures around Indiana are expected to remain mild for at least the remainder of the week. This fortunate start to camp could be very beneficial for the Colts. Unseasonably cooler temperatures will help to reduce the risk of dehydration, certain injuries, and will also help boost fan attendance to camp at Anderson University.